Monday, October 14, 2013

A Note from Construction Crew on Spiders and Flies, oh my, oh my!

Note from Construction Crew: 
     "We messed up. The post containing this full story was accidentally dropped off the 108th floor as we ate lunch, and was completely demolished upon landing. We'll be working overtime tonight in order to rebuild this story for you. We appreciate your patience!!"

“The Faithful Spider and the Crafty Fly”
by Kostas Paradias

The Grand Executioner’s hands let go of the girl’s supple neck. The bruises on her skin were like great blots of ink on virgin paper. She collapsed on the ground as the Grand Executioner sat on the base of a palm tree, motioning for her to continue.
“The fly is the complete opposite of the spider. It dwells in the sky, touching land only when hunger compels it to. It has no dwelling and no understanding of concepts like beauty or patience. Its life goes by as quickly as a song; it knows only a greed and lust that make the entire world seem like a feast to its eyes, just waiting to be devoured. Its only acknowledgement to Allah is the rubbing of its forelegs as it prepares to dine; its only worry, the propagation of its kind.”
The Grand Executioner smiled and weaved his hands together. The girl was a storyteller, employed by the Sultan himself, her tales for the great man’s ears only. But she had fallen out of favor, given him too many sad tales that had put him in a foul mood. Eventually, he had commanded the Grand Executioner to kill her himself. And now here he was, enjoying one of the Sultan’s delights for himself, the girl’s very last story.

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